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22 Nov 2014

Job hunting is not easy for there are a lot of challenges along the way, but always remember that you dream job is not the one who will chase you but they are the one that should be chased. Usually, the job openings will be posted in your local newspaper during the Sunday edition including job vacancies in the fire department. You can also check for the newspapers from the nearby big cities because they might post some of their job vacancies too.

You can search in your local library for any subscription in major newspapers and look for the Sunday edition. However, if your local library does not subscribe to these newspapers, you can check the newsstands or bookstore.

You can also check online for any available job but before trying to use this method, you should be aware that it is possible for you to be relocated. If you want the job badly, then you have to be flexible and willing to compromise. It is better to be relocated than to be unemployed, that’s why if you consider moving into other places, then it will not be a problem for you if you will be offered a job form other places.

Taking up a class or training on firefighting will also increase your chance of finding any job vacancy. These kind of trainings are conducted by experienced firefighters and they know whether there is a job vacancy in the fire department. People who’s taking the same classes as you are also aspiring firefighters who can give you some information about a job hiring. If you performed well in your class, who knows that your facilitator can give you some recommendation.

There are magazines published specifically for firefighters, they will not only give you more knowledge about the firefighting job but they will also inform you about job opportunities because they usually publish entry level firefighting jobs. If you also want to consider applying for an airport firefighter jobs, then these kind of magazines will be of great help.Subscribing to these kind of magazines is a win-win situation for you.

You also have to be aware that usually, examinations are not conducted by the fire department. The Human Resource is the one who’s going to facilitate and schedule the exams. Most fire departments will just inform the HR that there is a job vacancy and HR will do the rest, from examinations to interviews. Although there are some exceptions to this because some fire department have their own personnel services manager who will conduct the hiring.

One thing that you should always remember during job application is you have to be very patient. You may encounter a lot of things like examinations, interviews and trainings along the way and you may even fail. But always remember that you are not the only one struggling to pass all of them, some even took the exams twice or even thrice before landing on a job. What’s important is you remain patient while applying for your dream job.




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